Christmas Time

2010-12-09 14:00:00

Backstreet Boys - Christmas Time

Ooh, there is something special
About this time of year
A christmas feeling everywhere
I just got home to join you
I've been away too long
But now I'm back to share my love

My friends are reunited
One big family filled with love
To last throughout the year

Christmas time, time to share our love
Come and join the tidings to the world
Christmas time, the best time of the year
Yes, it's christmas time

You and me together
A sleigh Ride in the Park
Lovin', kissin' straight from the heart
Snowflakes fallin' gently
A smell of chestnuts in the air
And the christmas lights
They gleam across the sky

Do you remember, everything felt so nice
When I held you close to me
Do you remember, those cold christmas nights
When we saw the world in harmony


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